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Anonymous asked:

Fat Acceptance is how all of my friends circle-jerk each other, and they think it's fucking cute to stuff their face full of shitty food and then act like they have no idea why guys don't like them. I don't want to have to feed (cause fatties are always hungry!) and care for my obese husband like I would a baby, so why would any guy want to do that for a woman? Fat Pride, like all feminism, is a way for women to trick themselves into feeling good, and allow for bad behavior when others critize
Yeah, I’m a hairy, ugly, fat, man-hating, proudly annoying cunt, but that’s who I am, and that’s what makes me beautiful. And if you don’t accept me as the amazingly beautiful being I am, you, you are part of the problem. You shaming misogynist piece of shit.
a feminist attempting to make you the ugly one (via 64bitwar)

The “fat acceptance movement” is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of…


They’re straight up saying it’s ok for someone to carry the burdens of unnecessary health issues their whole life and succumb to an early death from preventable obesity related causes.

In reality though…it’s ALWAYS better to be in shape and eat healthy than be a lazy fat fuck who only makes excuses and preaches acceptance for their self destructive lifestyle…always.

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